Massachusetts Construction Worker Recovers $1.9 Million for Crane Injuries

(August 1, 2011)

A Massachusetts construction worker was injured after a crane boom fell and hit him. The man, who was untrained and inexperienced in working with cranes, was instructed to assist in disassembling the crane, and was told to remove 4 pins which connected the boom of the crane to the body.

Upon removing the fourth pin, the boom plummeted and struck the man, causing fractures to both of his legs, in addition to extensive muscle and tissue loss. The Massachusetts construction worker filed a negligence claim, which alleged that the accident occurred as a result of the supervisor’s failure to provide adequate training or instructions, failure to conduct proper hazard analysis and failure to comply with manufacturer’s instructions.

The Massachusetts man required extensive hospitalization, and incurred medical bills of $313,000. The man was disabled for five years, which resulted in lost wages of $385,000. The parties settled the Massachusetts negligence case for $1.9 million.

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