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Boston Symphony Orchestra Concert-Goers Forced To Evacuate Symphony Hall Due To False Fire Alarm.

Boston Symphony Orchestra concert-goers were recently forced to evacuate Symphony Hall after a fire alarm went off inside the building during a concert. At the time the alarm rang, the concert was scheduled to end in approximately ten minutes. According … Continue reading

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Hamilton, MA Elementary School Students Relocated Due to Smoke.

Nearly 300 students from the Winthrop Elementary School in Hamilton, MA were recently relocated to the Cutler Elementary School, also in Hamilton.  Teachers in the building believed that they smelled gas so the buses taking the kids to class were … Continue reading

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New Studies Show Avastin May Fight Early Stages of Breast Cancer.

In November, 2011, the FDA withdrew its prior approval of Avastin for treating advanced breast cancer.  As a result, doctors may still prescribe the drug, but insurance companies do not have to pay for it.  The drug still remains on … Continue reading

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