Lake Forest, IL Motorist Escapes Injury in Train Crash.

Boston, Massachusetts Personal Injury LawyerMichael Bungert, 57, was accidentally stuck on railroad tracks when he decided to accelerate his GMC Terrain at the last second, narrowly escaping a collision with an oncoming train.

Bungert was traveling southbound on Waukegan Road in Bannockburn, IL at around 7:30 a.m. when he made a wrong turn in a construction zone. After making the turn, he drove onto Route 22 and over the Metra Milwaukee North Line railroad tracks. At that point, he realized his mistaken turn. Attempting to back up, Bungert heard warning bells ringing. As he stopped, he saw a Metra 2101 train hurdling towards his motor vehicle at about 70 mph.

Bungert quickly put his car into drive and jammed on the gas, moving the car just enough so that only the back end was clipped by the train. Bungert’s airbags deployed, and he was later transported to the Highland Park Hospital where he was treated and released.

Bungert was given two tickets as a result of his misconduct leading up to the train accident. Trains were delayed for over 30 minutes as the train continued on its route north after the train wreck.

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