Pennsylvania Drunk Driver Charged After Failing Three Sobriety Tests.

Anne Nicole Ketter, 29, of Downingtown, PA, is due in court on October 11 for a preliminary hearing on the criminal charges levied against her stemming from the three-car accident she caused in Phoenixville, PA.

According to documents filed with the court, Ketter caused a three-car accident in the early morning hours of September 8. She was allegedly driving her vehicle on Bridge Street in Phoenixville when she smashed into the back of a motorcycle that was stopped at a red light.  The force of the collision caused the motorcycle and its operator to collide with the motor vehicle stopped in front of them.

Police responding to the scene of the auto crash smelled alcohol on Ketter and inquired if she had been drinking. The police also noted her glassy eyes as she responded that she had not been drinking, and that she was the designated driver. Police then proceeded to administer three field sobriety tests, all of which Ketter failed.

Police arrested Ketter and have charged her with four counts of DUI, careless driving and driving at an unsafe speed.

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