Report Released in New Hampshire Plane Crash Investigation.

The National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) released its preliminary airplane accident report on November 8 regarding a plane crash that took place on October 25, 2012 in Hooksett, New Hampshire. 

The airplane crash resulted in the death of husband and wife, Herman and Doris Hassinger, both 83.

The crash report showed that the pilot of the plane, Herman Hassinger, appeared to be in good spirits when he contacted the Boston terminal radar approach control facility shortly after takeoff. He indicated that he was not experiencing any problems with the plane.  Just ten minutes later, however, radar showed him making a 180-degree turn, and after that he failed to respond to air traffic control.

The accident report also indicated that the landing gear was not down at the time of the plane crash.

The NTSB will continue investigating the incident.

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