Airport Sign Falls On Family And Kills 10 Year-Old Boy in Alabama.

A sign at the Birmingham, Alabama airport fell onto a family, causing serious personal injuries to multiple family members and killing a 10 year-old boy. Luke Bressette, 10, was rushed to a local hospital emergency room after the personal injury accident, but he was pronounced dead soon after arrival.

The boy’s mother, who was also crushed by the collapsed sign, was rushed to the University Hospital in Alabama emergency room, where she remains in critical condition.

The sign was in an area of the airport that had recently undergone renovations.  Local residents are now questioning if this tragic wrongful death accident is the result of faulty construction during renovation.

The sign, which contained several screens displaying arriving and departing flights, appears to have been inadequately attached to the wall. An initial inspection has revealed that the sign was attached by “liquid nails,” a type of caulk which experts describe as a temporary adhesive, which is grossly inadequate to support the weight of the sign.

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