Daughters Lift 3,000-Pound Tractor That Pinned Their Father.

This past Monday, Jeff Smith, of Lebanon, Oregon, was trying to pull out a tree stump in his garden. But his foot slipped off the clutch of the tractor, causing it to flip over and pin him to the ground. Smith’s teenage daughters rushed to his rescue and miraculously mustered the strength to lift the 3,000-pound tractor and free their father.

Smith’s daughters, 16 year-old Hannah and 14 year-old Haylee, heard their father’s screams and ran to the garden to see what was wrong. Upon seeing their father pinned beneath the tractor and slowly losing his breath, Hannah and Haylee somehow were able to lift the one and a half-ton machine enough to allow their father to breath.

While Jeff was then able to breath, he still remained trapped underneath the tractor. Hannah got on her four-wheeler and went to a neighbor for help. The neighbor brought over his own tractor and used its shovel to extricate Smith.

Smith was transported to a nearby hospital emergency room to receive treatment for his personal injuries, which included a broken wrist. He has since been released and is recovering at home, grateful for his daughters’ heroic efforts.

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