Rhode Island Hospital May Be Liable For Injury Damages After Mentally Ill Woman Leaves Resulting in Frost Bite and Amputation.

Teressa Wright’s family is extremely upset with a Providence, RI hospital after they let her leave without contacting them, resulting in Teressa getting frostbite on both her feet.

Teressa suffers from multiple mental health issues, hears voices, and is often homeless. Because of her condition, her family members have asked local hospitals to inform them before she discharges herself, as she might not be competent to do so. The hospital, however, let Teressa leave after arriving complaining of foot pains. She returned less than a week later, but her condition was severely aggravated. Doctors had to remove most of her left foot and her toes from her right foot as a result of the frostbite.

Teressa is still currently in pain, and her family argues it could have been avoided if the hospital was more diligent. In a recent interview with turnto10.com, Teressa’s uncle, Dwayne Powell, said: “they tell us we have to protect these people, but at the same time, they have rights in which they can harm themselves. That’s what troubles me. My niece is going to kill herself eventually, and everyone is standing back on the sidelines saying, ‘there’s nothing we can do.’”

While people are responsible for injuries resulting from their actions, they may also be liable for their inactions. Teressa’s family is arguing that if the hospital and staff were more diligent, her injuries and suffering would have been severely reduced. 

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