Fight at High School Intramural Basketball Game Leads to Personal Injury Lawsuit.

During an intramural basketball game on January 29, 2014 at the Waubonsie Valley High School, in Indiana, two opposing team players were injured when acting in a violent manner. A lawsuit that followed alleges that DeMario Webb caused serious injury to Jordan Mosetich. The police report, however, states that both students hit each other during the fight.

Mosetich filed the lawsuit in the DuPage County Court one year after the altercation. He is being represented by attorney Kelly Bennett. The defendants to the lawsuit are listed as DeMario Webb, Waubonsie Valley High School, and Indian Prairie Unit District 204. The lawsuit states that Webb threatened Mosetich during the game and that he pushed Mosetich from behind and then intentionally fell on top of him. Webb then allegedly grabbed Mosetich with both of his arms and threw him down on the court. Webb then allegedly got on top of Mosetich and punched him in the head and face.

Mosetich suffered a facial fracture and concussive symptoms. Police reports list a broken nose and slight contusions to the face as his injuries. The report also stated that Mosetich never lost consciousness.

The lawsuit alleges that the school and the school district failed to provide a safe environment, did not provide Illinois High School Association referees for the game, didn’t require a code of conduct for intramural basketball players, and allowed the game to continue even after the altercations became physical and aggressive.

A police report, taken by a school resource officer and including information from seven witnesses, says that Mosetich was playing in a rough and instigating way. He reportedly seemed to be trying to pick fights during the entire game. There allegedly was a lot of trash talking, and Mosetich supposedly pushed the basketball into Webb’s stomach, which started the fight. The report further stated that Webb was then elbowed in the face by Mosetich.

Parents of both students stated two days after the fight that they did not want to press charges.

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