Twenty-Two Rollercoaster Riders Injured After A Tree Branch Lands On The Tracks.

The facts and circumstances giving rise to a personal injury claim can vary significantly. Although car accidents are certainly the most common type of personal injury case, a claim can arise any time one person’s negligence causes an injury to another. Personal injury defendants can be individuals, or they can be businesses or other entities. The remedy will depend on the type of personal injury case, and also on the specific damages that were caused by the accident. For example, most personal injury plaintiffs will seek compensatory damages for recoupment of medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Other plaintiffs might also seek punitive damages, which are damages intended to punish the wrongdoer and send a strong message to others that the defendant’s conduct cannot and will not be tolerated.

Twenty-two rollercoaster passengers were injured last July when a tree branch unexpectedly fell on the rollercoaster track. The frightening accident occurred on a ride called the Ninja roller at the Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. According to Time Magazine, the Ninja rollercoaster had been built twenty-five years ago weaving in and out among natural trees. Lawyer Barry Noack says building a coaster in the “wilderness” is exactly what caused his clients to be injured.

The fallen tree branch caused the rollercoaster car to derail from the tracks. The passengers were forced to wait a terrifying two hours, suspended forty feet above the ground, before fire fighters were able to rescue them. Meanwhile, some of those passengers were injured from the derailment. Jeremy Ead told reporters that he was bleeding from his head during the seemingly endless two-hour wait for rescue.

A second passenger, Olivia Feldman, suffered head wounds as a result of the accident. Both are seeking damages for direct trauma caused by the negligent placement and operation of the rollercoaster attraction. In order to investigate the crash, Six Flags voluntarily closed down the ride. In addition to an in-house investigation, the California Department of Industrial Relations also investigated the crash.

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