Florida Firefighters Exposed to Toxic Mold in Fire Station.

Mold is a common type of fungus found on old food and water-damaged Massachusetts buildings. While not all types of mold are dangerous, some are toxic and potentially fatal if exposure is excessive. Research has shown that toxic mold found indoors is responsible for some allergies, infections, mucous membrane irritation and other illnesses. Exposure to toxic mold can result in permanent physical injuries and sometimes a Massachusetts toxic mold attorney is required for victims to recover money damages for their injuries.

Toxic mold can grow in any dark, damp space. Officials for the International Association of Firefighters chapter in Indian River County, Florida are learning this after toxic mold has been discovered at a local fire station. Two firefighters reported symptoms of toxic mold exposure while in the station, which can include: chronic coughing and sneezing; irritation to the eyes and mucus membranes of the nose and throat; rashes: chronic fatigue; and persistent headaches. Officials became concerned when these symptoms stopped the moment firefighters left the station, indicating they might have a mold infestation. The local International Association of Firefighters President has criticized city departments for not performing more thorough tests for mold. He told wptv.com: “they didn’t really fulfill a lot of their obligations. They didn’t do any simple mold testing or simple swab testing to confirm whether or not there was mold in the building.” While steps are being taken to remove the harmful mold, it is unclear how long the firefighters have been exposed or how extensively they were harmed.

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